current PROGRAMS

Today Developers 74 Luxury Apartments

FRANCE | 74 Luxury Apartments

We are developing a program of 74 new luxury homes in Chartres (55 minutes from the center of Paris). This operation is being carried out with the local developer Pierre Promotion, which has an excellent knowledge of the geographical area. Turnover of the operation: 18,000,000 €.

FRANCE | 148 luxury Apartments

We are developing two programs of 75 condos each with our partner Kaufman & Broad (an international real estate development group) in the Chartres region, one hour from Paris. Turnover of the operation: 35,000,000 €.

FRANCE | 40 Premium Condos

We are developing a program of 40 new flats in the north of Paris for investors and owners. Turnover of the operation: 6,800,000 €.