Today Developers is an international branch of the French property development group SPI Promotion.
After nearly 35 years of experience in the construction and sale of luxury and student housing in France, its CEO Alexandre Petit has decided to develop his know-how internationally through various specialized branches, including Today Developers.

Today Developers is part of the new generation of innovative real estate developers in terms of housing comfort, design, environmentally friendly construction and unique and pleasant projects to live in.

Like its parent company SPI Promotion, Today Developers develops all of its programs in partnership with an experienced local developer or a leading national developer in each country. This partnership offers a very strong financial, legal and commercial solidity, and the strengths of each partner are multiplied tenfold thanks to this marriage.

The Today Developers team is made up of young, motivated and dynamic international architects, serious land developers and operations managers who are passionate about building new homes, accountants, financial and legal managers, technicians and experts who fully adhere to the policy of perennial quality promoted by Today Developers.

If you are a real estate agent or business contributor, do not hesitate to join our partner program which helps you target potential land for a new Today Developers project. Click here to join our partnership and get additional benefits to your usual fees.

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Today Developers is an active and inclusive real estate developer, just like its team that is at your disposal all year round.

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Our philosophy

At Today Developers we put humans at the center of all our projects. With our development partners, real estate agents and providers, architects and our entire team, we have a shared mission: to create high-quality housing at the service of human beings.

Today Developers - Our Philosophy
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